I have to say that I was absolutely dreading the thought of getting braces, but I have to say after working with Dr. Dikengil and his talented team, I would almost do it again! Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but suffice it to say that these people are extremely good at what they do. If you are in need of dental assistance, give these people a call!

Mariano N.

Would recommend Elizabeth Avenue Dental without hesitation. Great experience from start to finish. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I am a scaredy cat when it comes to having my teeth worked on, but they made the entire experience relaxing and fun. And I absolutely love my new smile!

Mike C.

Amazing doctor and staff. They go above and beyond to explain the procedure in question and to make sure you fully understand and are comfortable with everything involved. Put short and simply, they underpromised and overdelivered! My teeth now look great, and I am a patient for life!

Maria O.

My experience at Elizabeth Avenue Dental Center was exemplary from start to finish. Dr. Dikengil and his staff are the sweetest people you could ever have work on your teeth. They are wonderful. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them for a second!

Pedro K.

When my son was 9 years old our regular dentist referred us to Elizabeth Avenue Dental. My son had crowding and his teeth were coming in in front of each other. We had gone to other orthodontists and made to feel that my son’s situation was hopeless. As a result we came to Dr. Dikengil with little optimism but were immediately made to feel calm and reassured. He was able to rectify my son’s situation with much shorter treatment and cost than the other doctors wanted to charge. Dr. Dikengil is a miracle worker!

Jimena T.

Dr. Dikengil and his staff have always been extremely nice to me and go out of their way to explain everything about what they are going to do before doing it. Dr. Dikengil really goes into detail.He and his staff are truly awesome and it is really a pleasure to go.

Sofia B.

I was not thrilled to say the least when I was told I would need braces as an adult for over 3 years. I was introduced to Dr. Dikengil’s practice, and his treatment saved me an entire year. So today my teeth look perfect, and Dr. Dikengil saved me an entire year of treatment. I am beyond thrilled with how everything turned out.

Heather C.

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